JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual…R’s

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Javascript & jQuery: The Missing Manual /by David Sawyer McFarland. javascript lets you supercharge your HTML with animation, interactivity, and visual effects—but many web designers find the language hard to learn. This jargon-free guide covers javascript basics and shows you how to save time and effort with the jQuery library of prewritten javascript code.
You’ll soon be building web pages that feel and act like desktop programs, without having to do much programming.
The important stuff you need to know:
Make your pages interactive. Create javascript events that react to visitor actions.
Use animations and effects. Build drop-down navigation menus, pop-ups, automated slideshows, and more.
Improve your user interface. Learn how the pros make websites fun and easy to use.
Collect data with web forms. Create easy-to-use forms that ensure more accurate visitor responses.
Add a dash of Ajax. Enable your web pages to communicate with a web server without a page reload.

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Mystery Case Files…R’s

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Corporate Truth: The Limits To Transparency…R’s

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Corporate Truth: The Limits To Transparency by Adrian Henriques

Earthscan Publications | 2007 | ISBN: 1844073904 | Pages: 184 | PDF | 14 MB


In the corporate jungle inhabited by Enrons and WorldComs, a lack of transparency is the root of all scandal, yet delivering transparency seems immensely difficult with the often competing interests of shareholders, corporate boards, government regulators, and other stakeholders. Written by noted corporate social responsibility practitioner Adrian Henriques and drawing on a vast wealth of real-life examples from the commercial world, this lively business book goes in search of the appropriate limits of transparency.

From commercial confidentiality to the ethics of marketing to lobbying and corporate corruption, the author addresses the position, significance, and limits of transparency in modern corporate life and works through the dilemmas that the increasing calls for transparency present. From the secrets of the board room to the struggles of NGOs, transparency is a persistent challenge–how much is enough? How much do we need? How do we do it? This book, ideally suited to business leaders and managers, consultants and business students alike addresses these questions and more.




iPad cracked apps| March 2011 | 2.5 GB…R’s

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iPad apps:
Here you go. Another batch of iPhone games.
100.Horror.Stories.Sounds.And.Scares v4.4.ipa

3.Kingdoms.TD v1.1.1.ipa
6DOH 6.Degrees.Of.Hollywood v2.0.ipa
AbbleDabble v1.8.ipa
ABBYY.Business.Card.Reader v4.0.ipa
Aimees.Caf?.HD v2.2.ipa
Air.Supply v1.0.ipa
Airsoft.Helper v1.2.ipa
Alfabeto v1.0.ipa
Alibata.Guide v1.1.ipa
Amoeba.Life v1.0.ipa
Animal.Color.Cross v1.2.ipa
AquaVenture v1.2.ipa
Barrel.Blast.Supastar v1.0.ipa
CamScanner+ v1.2.0.1.ipa
Carl.Cox v1.2.ipa
Cartoon.Classics.Assorted.Favorites v1.0.10.ipa
Checkmate.for.Foursquare v1.4.1.ipa
Chocolate.Tycoon v1.0.2.ipa
Christian.Rock.Music v2.3.0.ipa
Color.Chart v1.3.ipa
Concerts.App v1.5.ipa
CS.Mania v1.1.1.ipa
Cyber.Tunez.Premium v3.0.ipa
Cyclemeter.GPS v5.0.2.ipa
Daily.Tracker v5.2.ipa
Deep.Sleep v5.0.ipa
DeluxeMoon v1.31.ipa
Doodle.God v1.6.ipa
Doodle.Train v1.0.5.ipa
DopplerPad v2.2.ipa
Dr.Wits.Library.Edition v1.3.1.ipa
Draw.Smart v2.2.ipa
DriveGain v1.1.2.ipa
Emergency.Radio.Polica.Scanner v1.9.9.2.ipa
Engine.Sounds v3.2.ipa
Enigmous v1.2.ipa
ESPN.iScore.Baseball.Scorekeeper v3.01.ipa
Euro.Radio v5.8.ipa
F1.2011.Premium v3.6.8.ipa
Face.Cam v1.0.1410.1.ipa
Facebook.Banner.Generator v1.0.ipa
FaceMaker v2.3.4.ipa
FastCustomer v1.0.ipa
Field.Designer v1.0.ipa v1.01.21.ipa v1.01.21 most_uniQue.ipa
Fingerzilla v3.0.ipa
FitFu v1.3.ipa
Fitness.Builder v3.7.1.ipa
Football.Manager.Handheld.2011 v2.2.ipa
Fred.Floating.Road v1.0.1.ipa
Fruit.Dealer v1.01.ipa
Goaaal! v3.3.ipa
Grenade.Warrior v1.0.0.ipa
Hero.Princess v1.2.ipa
Heroes.Battle.Plus v4.5.ipa
Hyper.Tunnels.3D v1.2.ipa
Inkub.for.iPhone v1.3.ipa
iPool.Table v1.0.ipa
iShotgun.Pro v3.0.ipa
iSpam.Friends v1.1.ipa
i STORM v1.2.ipa
Jump.Star v1.2.2.ipa
Keep.Defenders v2.0.1.ipa
Kingsburg.Serving.the.Crown v1.1.1.ipa
Knight.Defense v1.2.3.ipa
Kung.Fu.Master.Pig v1.05.ipa
MadCap v1.1.ipa
Mahjong.Triplet v1.0.ipa
Matchsticks v1.3.ipa
Mortal.Skies v1.6.ipa
New.Puzzle.Bobble v1.0.1.ipa
Ninja.Chicken.1 v1.5.0.ipa
Ninja.GoGo v1.02.ipa
Ninja.Up.Up v1.1.ipa
Panzer.Panic v1.3.ipa
Phil.Taylor.Power.Play.Darts v1.1.ipa
Piggy.Woogy v1.0.2.ipa
Pirate.Mysteries v1.03.ipa
Pocket.Ants v1.1.ipa
Pocket.Dinosaurs.1 v1.6.ipa
Rogue.Runner v1.7.ipa
Rotate.and.Roll v1.0.ipa
Sheep.Mania.Puzzle.Islands v1.0.2.ipa
Slot.Life.Haunted.Mansion v1.1.ipa
Speed.Anatomy.Quiz v1.10.ipa
The.Impossible.Game v1.5.3.ipa
Thumbat v1.1.1.ipa
Torrent downloaded from
Trivia.Challenge v2.0.ipa v1.0.18.ipa
Wacky.Wubb.Hunt v1.0.ipa
War.Evolved v1.5.2.ipa
World.Series.of.Poker.Holdem.Legend v1.9.3.ipa
Zoo.Game v1.0.ipa




BlackBerry Software and Games Collection…R’s

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A big collection with 101 softwares + games + themes. Complete list on next page.

– AntiMosquitoes
– AutoLock
– BB Light
– BB Weather
– ColorPearlHalloween
– Device Info Utility
– Emap4BB
– emobileGPS Companion
– FileExplorer
– FlipSide
– MoneyManager
– Ringo
– SBHacker
– Spell N Dial
– Led BlackBerry Alerts
– MobiReader
– My Alarm
– TimeCalendar
– XPlayer
And So Much More !

2. GAMES :
– Rooster
– Fly Fighter
– Sky Force
– Bejeweled
– Benjydup
– Bermuda
– Bomberman !
– Bowling
– Street Fighter
– CS
– Championship 2007
– Football 08
– Hamster
– Mario
– MM Reversi
– Ninja
– Pikachu
– Poker
And So Much More

– Mini Opera
– JiveTalk
– MFRadio
– RadioBee
– Skype
– WebMessenger
And So Much More !

– iPhone !
– LeopardToday
– Orchid
– Cartoony
– CoachZen
– Hammy
– South Park
– Zion – X
– Vista
– Apple Tree Zen




Science – 18 March 2011…R’s

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Science – 18 March 2011
English | 128 Pages | PDF | 56.5 Mb


Science, a multi disciplinary, weekly peer reviewed journal, ranks as the world’s most prestigious scientific journal. The journal was established by Thomas Edison in 1880 and has been the official journal of AAAS since 1900. Content includes original research, news, book reviews, and coverage of events in the scientific community.



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Android Apps and Games Pack…R’s

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Applications : Android | English | Size: 330.52 MB

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