Mac OS X 10.7.3 For INTEL (Non Apple Computers) Silent Installation Disk Edition (ENG/RU)

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Methods | Mac OS X 10.7.3 For INTEL (Non Apple Computers) Silent Installation Disk Edition (ENG/RU) | 4.7 GB

A new major release of the operating system for the Mac, known as OS X Lion. At his disposal are more than 250 unique functions. However, according to many experts, the “Lion” is a transit system: in the future, Apple is planning to merge their mobile and desktop technologies into a single platform.

New features of the operating system: 

Launchpad – Management (folders, desktops) and run your application in the style of iOS 
Full-screen applications 
Mission Control – Combines Dashboard and Expose, and becomes the control center application windows, desks, etc. 
Gestures & animations – новые жесты мультитач
Auto-Save maintaining operational status, even after logging out 
Versions – Time Machine for documents – manage document versions in two mouse clicks 
Resume – saves the state of your Mac after a reboot, including all applications, websites and documents 
Mail 5 – new e-mail client in the style iPad 
AirDrop – Instant wireless transmission of documents 
Lion Server – server version is now built into Mac OS X Lion
Admin Password: 123

What’s done: 
1) The axis is established and passed to create an account. 
1.1) Dokinuto all that is necessary to run (in folder Extra) 
2) Added support for PS / 2 manipulators. 
3) Ability to install on the IDE. 
4) Use the latest bootloader (at the time of creation).

What’s left to do: 
1) Open your hard drive. 
2) Set the audio kexts.
Installing on a MBR partition scheme 
SATA hard drives transfer mode AHCI. (Who does not boot after Windows – by Google on windows ahci) 
Optimally placed on the marked is not the space. If the hard drive is not empty, not marked-up (not to be confused with an empty space on a logical drive) space, any program to work with hard drives, separate it from the marked-up section. It takes 50 gigabytes. 

1) Install R-Drive and run. 
2) Mount the ISO in Daemon Tools or similar program. Select 1073.arc on the image. 
3) Select the Restore. 
4) Specify where to install, so it was celebrating Primary (Active). 
5) Click restore. 
6) Immediately after the unfolding of expanding the section on manual below. 
6) Reboot and select boot from the hard drive on which stands the Mac. Tagged with Section 1073.

Errors on the hard disk
Any errors on your hard disk connected solely because windose utilities. to avoid extending the add section only by means of the maximum. If all the same error appeared under the system they do not fix it, use the installation disk, or any Mac (get to Disk Utility and fix bugs), or restore to the second section Mak_Lva, loaded with the second section, and fix bugs first. Unfortunately there is not 100% compatible windose utilities from HFS +

Return to Activity windose boot partition and remove the section of LION

It does not work the mouse and keyboard
with dsdt patch for inscribing yusb be

Manual for the ATOM processor
have the option of running on a processor Atom. Only 4xx series and above 
experts know, but I did not write the manual for professionals. 
1) swing the hand 
2), expand it to a hard drive, according to the above described Manuals 
3) Wind install MacDrive, thereby obtain access to the disk with the Makos 
4) Download the kernel for the atomic 
5) Unpack the kernel, and we put in the root directory with the Makos 
6) Chameleon (where we choose a section of which is loaded), we write 
7) If successfully booted – are making a file 
8), evading

From snegoparda

How to win pci configuration begin
Option 1: to write Chameleon npci = 0x2000 or npci = 0x3000
Option 2: under Windows. set Mc Drive, to obtain sufficiently to drive with poppy seeds and throw these two files in the folder / System / Library / Extension with the replacement. maximum load with the-f and after a successful boot start kekst_utilitu

System requirements:
IMB PC with a processor Intel (775, 1155, 1156, 1366)
availability of Windows (for installation)

Download Single Extraction from Extabit

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